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Through the Coles Family Foundation, the “Poppy's Promise” scholarship will assist future engineers and leaders of tomorrow to obtain a four year college education. This scholarship's recipients will be high achieving students with aptitude in mathematics and an interest in pursuing a degree in an engineering discipline.

The award is for up to $2500 for the first year, with the possibility of three annual renewals if certain criteria are met. In choosing recipients, we are looking for people of character and integrity, who care about their community, not just themselves, and who are determined and have the wherewithal to complete a four-year college degree program.

If you become a recipient of the scholarship, we hope you will appreciate Coles’ personal successes and very positive effect on others and that you will emulate him as you grow and live your life.

As part of being a Poppy's Promise Scholarship Recipient you will also have access to the Foundation's Board of Directors as resources as you navigate your way through college and transition into the business world.

Annual deadline for Application/Transcript submittal is April 1st.

Please contact us regarding submitting an application for 2015.

Coles Family Foundation Application

If you are applying for a scholarship, please download the application, fill it out, and submit it to us for consideration.


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