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About Us

Coles was a graduate of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. After graduating he attended the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University and then spent most of his 30-year engineering career managing projects for Fluor Daniel where he rose to the position of Vice President. After retiring from Fluor Daniel he provided engineering consulting services on an individual basis. During the course of his career Coles had the opportunity to provide oversight and direction on several world-renowned engineering projects, such as the establishment of the National Sprint Network across the United States, the City of Chicago 911 System and multiple oil refineries in distant places, such as Saudi Arabia, Korea and Puerto Rico.

Coles was proud of his accomplishments. Coles believed that the education and training he received at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute provided the sound base necessary for his later successes. Recognizing the importance of good education and training, and always wanting to give back, he had a strong personal interest in mentoring others -- at which he excelled.

Coles passed away in March 2011, it is in his honor and memory this scholarship is being given. He was a good husband, father, relative, mentor and friend and each of us involved in the Foundation feels privileged and is pleased to be doing so in his memory.